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Berries on the table - Oil painting Print

Berries on the table - Oil painting Print

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There may be a slight variation of size as prints are made in cm. If you need them in inches, just type it at checkout and your prints will be in inches :)

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  • Made at home

    ✦ Made, packed and shipped by Alai.

    ✦ Every order is unique and customised for each client.

  • Archival

    ✦ Museum Etching archival paper

    ✦ Pigment-based ink Giclée printing

    ✦ Lasts over 100 years without fading and losing quality.

  • Embosed

    ✦ Every print is embossed by Alai to guarantee its originality.

    (Embossed logo is done without ink and is only visible with hard parallel light)

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