You can fill the contact form below or just contact me in so we can discuss your needs. Here are the things you can commission from me:

  • Oil paintings and portraits (prices in the chart below)
  • Digital portraits (from 200€/US$)
  • Digital still life paintings, Album covers, Book covers (from 300€/US$)
  • Oil Album covers, Book covers
  • Digital sketches (from 50€/US$)
  • Oil painting Paws 🐾  (from 75€ /US$)

Oil painting

In this chart you can see the most wanted sizes and prices. If you want something different or this isn't for you, I have a lot of options that can fit you :)

Please, allow some wiggling in prices when currency conversion is made.

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Frequent Asked Questions

I want a portrait with multiple figures, is that possible?

For portraits of more than one person/animal, there's an extra fee per extra figure:

+ 20% of the total cost per additional animal figure

+ 40% of the total cost per additional human figure

For example: A single portrait in 30x30cm would be 380€, but if we add another person, it would be 380 + 152 = 532€.

How's the payment done?

After we agree in the size, subject and price, I'll send you a mail with the link for the payment. You can use whatever payment is best for you from the accepted ones. Payment is made upfront and stays on hold until you get your item and are 100% happy with it.

Also, if you're interested, we can discuss making the payment in two halves. But take in mind that your commissioned painting won't be shipped until it's fully paid.

See shipping policy and refund policy for more information.

Can I order different sizes?

Yes. Just let me know and we'll find the best size/price for your needs.

Can I choose format/materials?

Depending on the size, I'll choose the best materials for the painting: canvas, wooden panel, cradled wood, oil paper... Of course, you can suggest which one you prefer so we can consider this beforehand.

This doesn't fit my budget :( what can I do?

Don't worry! If you have any specific budget we can wiggle the numbers by adjusting the size, the format, the support it's painted on, making it digital, sketches or studies... Just let me know your needs :)

Talk to me

For any doubt or inquiries, fill the contact form and I'll be back at you as soon as possible!

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